Comprehending SSPC-PA 2 For Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness


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  • ~52-minute course video led by SSPC award-winning instructor, Bill Corbett
  • Workbook

Are you having any of these problems studying for the AMPP coating inspector exam?

  • Hard to find the correct materials to study
  • Trouble with the mathematical equations
  • Instrumentation is a headache

You’re Not Alone

Our experience is that most students planning to take the AMPP coating inspector certification exam struggle with the PA 2 standard and the math associated to pass the exam.

We can show you the ins and outs of the SSPC PA-2 standard, saving you the time and frustration associated with reviewing the specification prior to going for your AMPP coating inspector certification. Like a cheat code, our SSPC-PA2 crash course gives you the information needed to succeed on your certification exam with none of the fluff.

What you’re going to learn

  • Content of SSPC-PA 2
  • Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Gages
  • Importance of Calibration, Verification of Accuracy, and Adjustment
  • How to calculate the combined tolerance of the gage and certified coated standards
  • The difference between gage readings, spot measurements, and area measurements
  • The number of gage readings, spot measurements, and area measurements to obtain based on the size of the coated area
  • Five coating thickness restriction levels for the gage readings, spot measurements, and area measurements
  • How to determine the magnitude of any nonconforming area

Meet your Instructor, Bill Corbett

  • Bill Corbett is the lead instructor and two-time recipient of SSPC’s Coatings Education Award
  • Mr. Corbett was honored with the SSPC John D. Keane Award of Merit, which celebrates exemplary leadership and contribution to the development of protective coatings.
  • He’s on several standards development committees, and has chaired the committee responsible for the SSPC-PA 2 Standard since 2007!
  • He was also a recipient of the SSPC President’s Lecture Series Award.

How This Came To Be…

It all started with our existing students, their stories, and need for the information to succeed. While many wanted us to take our live training on the road we couldn’t be at every location on a regular basis. We had to find a way to duplicate our student’s success another way.

Here’s what we did… 

  • We’ve set up an online based video training to make learning smooth and easy
  • We took all of Bill’s collective SSPC-PA 2 knowledge and packed it into a simple-to-use format
  • We broke down the complicated math in a way that’s understandable & makes sense

You get Instant Access to the entire course through our secure membership area immediately upon purchase.

FREE BONUS INCLUDED: SSPC-PA 2 Challenge: workbook

If you finish the full training and do not feel that you’ve gotten your money’s worth, expanded your knowledge of PA2, and learned the in’s and out’s of the standard, we will give you a FULL Refund – No Questions Asked!


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